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Wow!The lies that individuals will inform. Yes, MJ had porno mags of women and those what are known as books with little boys were literature books you can find inside the library that demonstrate pictures much like the cherubs, religious pictures of angels and babies, they were not child pornography. Funny that article doesn t mention that the FBI was investigating Michael and after he died they released a written report that stated they found NO Proof that he EVER MOLESTED a kid. TMZ was the only one I saw that covered that release. Not hard to figure out why. Keep telling the lies as you hate that man was loved by millions across the world, many people who don t even speak English. The power he previously with others ‚s what you hate most.

Sorry you hate the belief that this ‚cheatssome struggling jazz artist who can’t get onto a playlist. But it’s benefiting some producer Dance Gavin Dance concert whose music IS getting positioned on that playlist. And frankly, that producer is most likely getting money better, got the cash upfront, and is also all-around happier for doing this.

The startup also targets pointing out to rightsholders and media distributors that piracy audiences remain untapped opportunities. Rightsholders, broadcasters, sports organizations, and brand advertisers use the information to analyze total audience consumption, content demand, creation, and monetization opportunities.

And exactly what does Ron Jeremy do in the extra time? Hang out at swinger’s clubs having sexual intercourse, because that is what he loves to do. Just like artists should be jamming and practicing offstage, even if there is not any audience (at the very least a major one). From the moment I walked in to the doors of Plato’s, I knew I was home,Jeremy wrote about his late-70s exploits in the wild New York club. It was a swingersclub directly from the smuttiest edges of my imagination.’

calling bolzer a racist band despite the fact that the daddy from the vocalist can be a black man? wow it s almost as if you re likely to actually research stuff when you post articles and not just respond to buzzwords like swastika or skinhead this is basic fucking journalism, how come i the random guy online be telling this on the fuckin journalist? maybe you should produce your work.